The following provides a description of the updates that have been made to the Aspen at Melford schedule with a data date of 1/31/2023:

Completed this Month:

  • Masonry veneer continued and lap siding began at Building A1
  • Drywall, paint, and tile installation began on lower levels of Building A1
  • Roofing and window installation completed at Building A2
  • Wood framing and window installation completed, and roofing installation began at Building B
  • Wood framing progressed at Building C, and began at Building D

Upcoming this Month:

  • Masonry veneer and lap siding will be completed at Building A1
  • Interior finishes such as drywall, paint, tile and doors will continue in Building A1
  • Gypcrete will be poured up the upper levels of Building A1
  • Masonry veneer and lap siding will complete at Building A2
  • Insulation and drywall will begin on lower levels of Building A2
  • Wood framing will be completed and roofing will begin at Building B
  • Wood framing will continue at Building C & D
  • The plaza area will start to get prepped for site work to begin

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